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#1 Posted : Wednesday, June 11, 2014 5:18:00 AM(UTC)

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Wanted to ask about the Xprotect client system utilization people have seen.
Current added a 4th HD camera to the setup for a special project. When I was trying to review the motion footage for today I noticed the time stamp was rather jerky. Thought it was a network issue at first but then I noticed the CPU usage was obscenely high, sometimes sitting at 100% constantly.
I’m running the x64 client on W7/x64, x230 lenovo with i7 and 16GB ram. Previously I hadn’t really paid attention to the other motion footage since nothing much was needing to be reviewed, but I’m curious if others have noticed this. The only time I've bogged down this laptop running at max performance was when trying to encode a blu-ray movie using handbrake. Just seems a bit odd the xprotect client would top out, but then I don't quite know exactly what is involved with the exact client tasks/processing.
Also, when trying to view recordings through the web browser, I might as well have been watching a 10fps camera. Choppy as heck, not even worth the time spent viewing it.

Xprotect server is running on a decently loaded Dell 1950. Monitored the server load while watching client footage on my laptop, and while viewing footage on the server. The 1950 just purrs along at under 40% at a max.

Can anyone comment on this?
#2 Posted : Wednesday, June 11, 2014 10:45:22 AM(UTC)

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Hi Jeremy,

4 simultaneously Full HD views are quite a task to decode, but shouldn't bring an i7 on its knees like that.
Please check these settings:
In the Management Application -> Device -> Camera settings:
* Check the quality parameters are not set too high.
* Use H.264 or MPEG4 if supported
* Set Compression to around 60%
* Use VBR (Variable bitrate)
* Keep a target bandwidth below 4kbps
In the Smart Client, you can try to:
* Turn down the framerate from "Full"
* Turn down the quality, but note: this will force re-encoding on the Server.
Looking forward to your results of these. Thank you.
Best regards,

Michael W.
Milestone technical support
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Jeremy on 6/12/2014(UTC)
#3 Posted : Wednesday, June 11, 2014 2:32:01 PM(UTC)

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Thanks for the reply.
Actually only 2 out of the 4 are HD, others are some cheaper foscam units I was testing out for curiosity.
I do have the quality settings on the server end cranked up quite high.
When you reference the quality parameter, what have you seen as a typical 'too high' vs a fairly normal/common level people tend to settle on?

Have to be out and a bout most of today but I'mm tinker with these settings this afternoon and see what I can fine tune.

#4 Posted : Thursday, June 12, 2014 4:51:35 AM(UTC)

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Interestingly enough the two HD cameras had defaulted to CBR. Thought I had set it to VBR initially.
Anyway, most of the settings matched up with what you mentioned except for one. Where is the compression setting? Didn't see that anywhere in the video/camera settings window.
Not exactly much action to capture at night so I'll set this back up for tomorrow and see how playback goes on recorded motion.
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