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#1 Posted : Monday, February 2, 2015 7:43:52 PM(UTC)

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I attempted to add a remote Canon VB-C60 camera to Milestone Enterprise 8.1. The camera was successfully added via the Management Application, the license was loaded (camera was already allocated a license from a previous install) and everything appears OK. When I try to view the camera via the Smart Client application, I get a connection error. I also noticed that nothing is recording for the camera. The recording server log revealed the following error for the camera: "Cannot Retrieve Serial Number". Is Milestone trying to communicate to the camera on a different port that's blocked?
#2 Posted : Tuesday, February 3, 2015 3:10:35 PM(UTC)

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I think there is a possibility that the camera might need a restart or reset, and that could make it work.

It might be possible to see from a network communication trace (Wireshark or similar) more precisely what is causing this..
Yours Sincerely, Bo Andersen
#3 Posted : Wednesday, February 4, 2015 1:07:56 AM(UTC)

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I remotely reset the camera with no success. I'm not familiar with Wireshark, but I downloaded it and went through some packets based on the camera's IP address. It appears Milestone is only accessing the specified destination port for the camera. I also configured the router to place the camera in DMZ, reset everything, and still nothing. I deleted the camera and added it again while the camera was behind the DMZ and my host computer had no firewall, and still I get the same result. Also, in Milestone Enterprise Manager, under camera properties and camera settings, I get the error message: Could not obtain settings from camera. With no firewalls in place, I do not know why Milestone is having issues access the camera.

In addition, I added another remote VB-C60 camera and I had the same issues I initially had with the first unit.
#4 Posted : Wednesday, February 25, 2015 10:51:07 PM(UTC)

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I installed Milestone Enterprise 8.5 along with the latest device pack. I still cannot access the camera. According to this forum post (http://forum.milestonesys.com/yaf_postst4396_Canon-VB-C60-driver-does-not-work.aspx), there appears to be an issue with Milestone and the Canon VB-C60. I searched and found two devices.ini files under Milestone folders and both are empty.

In addition, when installing the camera, when I manually select the device driver for VB-C60, I receive an error message that Milestone cannot connect. When I select auto-detect device, it will install but will not function. Milestone says the device is licensed and will even provide the serial number; however, the server continues to say that it cannot retrieve the serial number.

This is very frustrating considering how much money was spent on Milestone licenses.

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#5 Posted : Friday, February 27, 2015 2:11:42 AM(UTC)

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first of all, camera issues like yours are not solved by upgrading XProtect. The camera functionality lies almost exclusively in the Device Pack.

Nect, I stumbled over this:
I deleted the camera and added it again while the camera was behind the DMZ and my host computer had no firewall, and still I get the same result.
This tells me that you seem to have some specialities in your network. So please make sure that you have connectivity to the cam on all requested ports. To begin with, port 80, 443 and 554 should be open on the camera and on any firewall (the cam is listening on those).

I think what really helps here is contacting Milestone Tech Support, and have a remote session ready as well as Wireshark ready.

But first and foremost make sure that you have the correct camera firmware in place. Sometimes deviating FW version will absolutely not work with the driver.


P.S. The "cannot retrieve serial number" is unfortunately a rather generic error message and tells you nothing else than, well, that there is a problem.
#6 Posted : Monday, November 23, 2015 7:19:58 PM(UTC)

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I am having the same problem with AXIS M3027 Network Camera
It worked ok to begin with then, after a couple of days, I get on the client "The server has lost connection to the camera" and "Cannot Retrieve Serial Number" in the RecordingServerLog.
Other cameras work fine

I can view camera output in the camera's web page on the same PC as the Xprotect server
#7 Posted : Saturday, December 19, 2015 3:44:50 AM(UTC)

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I'm a little concerned that this issue is still unresolved. I have several vbc-60 operational cameras and I currently have 2 with the identical issues listed above. I am running xprotect professional and very badly need to get these cameras back on line. I have added and removed them dozens of times, and each time I am getting the non-ptz icon, unable to retrieve settings from the camera error, and no live stream....

help please...
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